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Thanks for your interest in our project. Development has stalled, but we would love to see more progress made on our little Culture and Language Acquisition App! If you'd like to see what we're thinking, and where we're headed, please check out our proposed Dev Schedule! →


Speeds up Language Development

Field Workers among unengaged people groups need an application to help them document culture and language simultaneously. To work in these contexts, field workers need to document undocumented languages, and develop literacy programs to start translation projects.


User Experience Focused

Field Workers are highly trained and educated for the work they have raised funds to do, but software tools for this work are in short supply. The tools that do exist were originally designed for Windows XP. Field workers should have an application that works for them, on whatever platform they use... because Learning language is hard enough, learning several different platforms and applications shouldn't be necessary.


Get help, with or without Connectivity

Glossa is built with web-technologies, but works offline across platforms. Documentation and help for using the app itself, or for analyzing a particularly vexing verb affix... it is all baked into Glossa. Searching the helps inside the app is a breeze, and is sure to help those field workers with limited access to the resources the internet provides.

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Get Involved

We'd love for you to get involved in our project. We're looking for volunteer full-stack developers with experience deploying electron apps, and a mastery of Angular.js. Submit classy and minimal pull requests over at GitHub, and we'll know you mean business.

If you'd like to get involved in financing development of this project, you can Get in touch with us at PeiTribe.com.

A Labor of Love for all the Unengaged, Unreached People Groups Worldwide.

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